Are You a Business Owner Looking For An Effective IT Team To Secure Your Network And Eliminate Frustrating Issues And Downtime?
Cyber brigade is a team of US armed forces veterans that bring military-grade Cyber Security and IT solutions to our clients. Combining our military experience with the latest data from our military and government contacts, we are able to protect our clients in a way that no civilian organization can.

If you’re tired of struggling with IT issues and downtime, or if you’re worried about the latest cyber threats that can put you out of business, I urge you to schedule a 15 minute introductory call with one of our experts.

During this call we'll spend a little time getting to know your business and your IT/Cyber Security challenges. We will dive into where you currently are, as well as where you want to take your business. If we're a fit, we will also go over how we work together to ensure that your technology becomes a strategic advantage and not just a recurring headache.

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Cyber Brigade President Frank Bravata gives a talk at NASDAQ Headquarters on the latest Cyber Threats. 
Frank Bravata,
Founder of Cyber Brigade
"Effective Cyber Security and IT Solutions need to be available to companies of all sizes if they are to survive and thrive in the global marketplace of the 21st century"
Award Winning IT/Cyber Security Services:
Concerned about the security of your systems and critical data? 

Protect your business with our SentryCube firewall solution. Monitored and maintained by our security response teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Are You Frustrated with Mediocre IT support? 

We provide dependable results at a fixed predictable cost. No more surprises from your technology or from your provider's invoice.
Unsure of your ability to recover from a disaster or attack? 

With new threats emerging every day, it is critical that you have an effective business continuity solution in place to prevent unexpected downtime and data loss.
Curious about "the cloud" and the benefits for your company? 

With our SentryCloud platform, we can host your entire IT infrastructure in our military-grade data-centers, giving you and your employees the ability to work anywhere while benefiting from the very best in security.
7 Reasons Why Businesses All Over the Country Trust
Cyber Security and White Glove IT Services:
We Are Dedicated: All of our senior management and most of our employees have served in the military during their careers. As such, we have implemented technology solutions in the most difficult of environments, often when lives were at stake. We know what it takes to get the job done right, the first time.
We Are Vigilant: While many IT shops can claim to understand the cyber threats and risks to your business, the fact remains that many simply do not have the experience or depth of knowledge that we possess. Through our military and FBI contacts, we have information on the latest threats in real-time, to keep your business protected like no one else can.
We Are Motivated: Throughout our organization, we foster an environment of constant learning and further improvement. We understand that technology is constantly moving and changing, and that our clients need a team that can keep up with the latest technologies.
We Are Disciplined: We understand the value of standardization and being process-driven, and it forms the core of our business. Everything we do—from implementing the most complex solutions to the most basic of tasks are systematized and documented. This ensures that our clients’ environments are truly safe and reliable, and that our service remains consistent.
We Are Dependable: We are often called into some of the most formidable technology crises—often when other technology companies have failed to properly protect their clients’ networks. Our staff will come to you—and we will work around the clock to get you operational again. And when your system is up and running, we will implement the right solutions to prevent you from ever being in that situation again.
We Are Loyal: While most of our peers are solely profit-driven, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. By organizing as a B Corporation, we strive to be a force for good in the world. Our social mission is to train, hire, and promote as many veterans as we can. By working with us, you can help us to achieve our goal of creating jobs for 50 veterans by 2020!
We Are Reliable: Unlike some other technology companies, we will NEVER outsource any of our work to another company or individual to lower our costs. All of our work is performed in our secured offices by our vetted and background-checked employees.
A Message from Cyber Brigade President Frank Bravata:
As a business owner, I understand just how costly and frustrating technology issues can be. When attacks and downtime occur, they interrupt your business, sap your productivity, hurt your reputation and damage your bottom line.
I feel that here at Cyber Brigade we have built something that is truly great. An organization that is focused on bringing military know-how to our clients' networks and technology.

If you are experiencing any technological challenges, or if you just want a second opinion to make sure that your network and digital assets are protected, contact us today.

Building this organization has provided me the opportunity to pursue my passion of creating great jobs for America's veterans and military personnel. We make sure to remember this blessing every day and do all we can to give back to our vets and to the communities that support them.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Frank Bravata - President
Cyber Brigade

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