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Are You an NYC/Long Island Based Business That is Frustrated With Your Current IT Support?

Are You Concerned About The Latest Cyber Threats? 

Then You Have Come to The Right Place...

IT Support | Cybersecurity | Cloud Services

Are You an NYC/Long Island Based Business That is Frustrated With Your Current IT Support?

Then You Have Come to The Right Place.

IT Support | Cybersecurity
Cloud Services

How We Work...

Let Us Show You How Good Your Technology Can Be....

Step 1: Contact Us

Call us right now at (631) 239-9900 and speak to one of our technicians to get started. There will be no "hard sell" or sales pressure. We'll go over your goals and see if we can help. If now isn't a good time, click the button below to schedule a call at your convenience:

Step 2: Network Review

Just as you wouldn't start taking medicine without consulting a doctor, we begin with a comprehensive diagnostic of your network and technology.

We understand that the key to a successful migration is based on solid, actionable information. We take the time to learn about your goals, your specific needs, and to identify any pain points and frustrations.

Step 3: Action Plan Implemented

Based on the findings from our network review, insights from interviews with your key staff members, and understanding your company’s growth goals, we’ll sit down with you to devise and implement an action plan. This plan is designed to align your business and technology seamlessly.

Once the plan is in place, we proceed with our optimization process. This ensures your network and computers perform at their peak, complemented by the installation of essential backups and cybersecurity services.

How We Work...

Let Us Show You How Good Your Technology Can Be....

Step 1: Schedule an Intro Call

Call us right now at (631) 352-0500 / (917) 540-0904 and speak to one of our technicians to get started. There will be no "hard sell" or sales pressure. If now isn't a good time, click the button below to schedule a call at your conviencience:

Step 2: Independent 3rd Party Review

At our cost, we then have an independent 3rd party take a look at your network and cybersecurity posture. We then review the report with you to help find the gaps where your technology isn't as efficient as it should be and show any cyber risks.

Note that we always recommend using an independent 3rd party for any type of assessment - that way you can trust the integrity of the results and it's not just a salesman trying to sell you something.

Step 3: Action Plan Implemented

Based upon the issues found during the assessment, as well as interviews with your key staff members, and the growth goals for your company, we create and implement an action plan to get your technology aligned.

Once completed, we then run our optimization process to make your network and computers as fast as they can be and install our any needed backups and cybersecurity services.

We Believe That Technology Should Be An Advantage, Not an Anchor

Without a stable, secure network, your business will suffer from…

  • Lost Productivity
  • Frustrated Employees
  • ​Risk of Malware and Cyber Attacks
  • Data Loss
  • Damage to Reputation
  • Potential Compliance Fines and Penalties

We Understand How Frustrating Technology Issues can be. They are a Drain on your Business and on your bottom line. We care, and Will help you to get rid of them once and for all...

Computers work the way they should

Eliminate cyber risks

Watch your business grow

How We Help...
Are you frustrated with your network or current level of IT support?  We provide fast and reliable IT support. Give us a try, let us show you how having a great network feels and how it impacts your bottom line!
Are you concerned about the security of your network and data? With our extensive IT and military experience, we have the knowledge to design networks and technology solutions that truly protect our clients.
Concerned about data protection? With new cyber threats and malicious attacks emerging every day, it is critical that you have a reliable solution in place to prevent unexpected downtime and data loss.
Considering a move to "The Cloud?" We can host your network in military-grade data-centers, giving your team the ability to work anywhere while protected by the very best in security.

Technology Issues hurt Your Bottom Line, Can Impact Employee Morale, and Can Even Put You Out of Business...

About Cyber Brigade, Inc.

Providing Award Winning Tech Support for Long Island/NYC Businesses Since 2009...

We Specialize in Legal, CPAs and Other Professional Service Firms

Frank Bravata
President - Cyber Brigade, Inc.

I understand that many business owners are frustrated by the complexity and cost of their technology systems, and it truly breaks my heart.

We believe that technology should just work, and we recognize that you're juggling a million different priorities as a business owner. You don't have time for technology issues. That's why we've created a service designed to keep computers running smoothly, eliminate cyber risks, and make working on your network a joy.

At Cyber Brigade, our goal is for our clients to feel relaxed and confident in their technology, enabling them to expand their businesses and offer their amazing services and products to a broader audience.

Here’s how it works: You begin by scheduling a brief introductory call with us. During this call, we'll delve into your business, your objectives, and examine how your technology is supporting or hindering those efforts. We then conduct an in-house assessment to thoroughly review your IT and cybersecurity posture. This approach ensures a comprehensive check, as we believe in the importance of an internal evaluation to maintain the highest standards of integrity and accuracy.

This in-house assessment will confirm whether your current IT strategies are effectively protecting your data and computer network against ransomware, hackers, and cyber-attacks.

A few days later, we’ll provide you with a report detailing the security of your network and data. We'll then meet with you to discuss our findings in plain English and present a no-obligation action plan to address any identified issues.

With your technology concerns resolved, your team will enjoy greater productivity, and you’ll be positioned to grow your business with the confidence that your network can fully support your ambitions.

Don't wait to transform your technology experience. Schedule your call today. In just 30 days, you’ll be delighted you made this decision.

Curious About What Quality Support IT Should Cost Your Business?

If that's the case, we'd at least like to offer you a copy of our recently published report, “What You Should Expect to Pay for Quality IT Support for Your Business."

  • The 3 Most Common Ways IT Service Companies Charge for Their Services: Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each method, helping you make a more informed decision.
  • A Billing Model That Places All the Risk on You, the Customer: We'll unveil a widely used billing model that could unfairly disadvantage you when purchasing IT services. Find out what it is and why it's essential to steer clear of it.
  • ​The High Cost of Hourly IT Payments: Learn why paying for your IT services by the hour could be draining thousands of dollars from your budget each year.
  • 21 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Technology Company: Arm yourself with these revealing questions to ensure you're giving access to your computer network, email, and data only to a trustworthy and competent technology partner.
Don't leave the security and efficiency of your IT support to chance. Grab our report today and take the first step towards a more informed and secure approach to managing your business's technology needs.

Long Island

22 Southern Blvd
Suite 105
Nesconset, NY 11767

(631) 239-9900

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